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New Lifts

Choosing the correct lift for a specific project is not easy, as there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration, from the number of floors & number of people who are going to use the lift each day, to the type of building and environment in which the lift will operate.

HOISTWAY have a team of highly experienced engineers all with extensive knowledge of the lift industry and the products that are available on the market. If you are unsure or you would like to discuss a specific project with us, please feel free to call one of our sales team or click here.

Alternatively, please feel free to browse our product range and contact us, if you have any questions

MRL Traction

MRL Traction Lifts or Motor Room Less Traction lifts are the fastest and most efficient way of moving people and goods around a building. With minimal space required, both inside and outside the shaft, this type of lift is ideal for most building applications.

MRL Hydraulic

Hydraulic Lifts have been around for many years and although they have fallen out of favour with all of the large international lift companies, we still feel that there are many situations where a hydraulic lift is often a better solution than a Traction Lift.

High Rise / High Speed Lifts

This is where HOISTWAY differ from most other independent lift companies, we have a specialist team that deal in High Rise and High Speed lifts. This is an area that many deem to be the hardest and most technical in our industry.

Low Cost Lift Solutions

Many people find the cost of purchasing a new lift installation inhibiting to their budgets. This is usually because they see no alternative to either a new passenger lift or a standard disabled platform lift.

Disabled Access Lifts

With the latest set of Building Regulations Part M insisting on all public access buildings over 2 floors, to have full Disabled Access, the disable access platform lift has become the popular low cost solution to this demand.

Energy Efficiency

At Hoistway we believe that the conservation of the planet is our responsibility. Our products are conceived, designed and manufactured using the best resources whilst seeking maximum energy efficiency.

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KLEEMANN Green Edition

KLEEMANN Atlas Basic / Premium

Hoistway & BREEAM

BREEAM sets the standard for the best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation and has become one of the most comprehensive and widely recognised measures of a building's environmental performance. 

HOISTWAY have worked on many BREEAM compliant buildings and gained a wealth of knowledge on what is required for you to gain maximum BREEAM credits from your lifts.

Hoistway BREEAM Statement

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